Dear Jon,

My wife and I want to pass along our thanks for the great job you did in the marketing and ultimately selling our home on 385 Longmeadow Drive in Clemmons. We chose you because of your reputation for selling homes when time is of the essence. I took a new position in Georgia and we needed to relocate within two months. With the present status in the local market, we were fully expecting to leave for Georgia without having SOLD our home. The other two homes for sale in our neighborhood have been on the market for 14 months and 8 months and we had no reason to believe that we would have any more success than these others. However, in large part due to your efforts on our behalf, our house SOLD in 25 days.

To say the least, our closing process was not without some bumps in the road. I was impressed with the way you met these challenges one at a time. Your approach to these problems, which were new to you as well, turned out to be the wisest path towards a solution. By the time we approached our closing date I was completely at ease with the process and confident that you had handled our sale in the best possible way. Your manner was always completely professional, your communication thorough and your confidence comforting. Also, it was evident that your assistant Tina was well informed of our house status and she was always very helpful to us. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference. Again, thank you for all you did for us.

Patrick D. Kilgo

The Real Estate Works